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Инструкция к секундомеру professional stopwatch и мольер дон жуaн скaчaть fb2

This stopwatch is a user-friendly tool to keep track. To develop basic understandings and get the most out of your purchase, be sure to carefully read this manual. Free Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. The Web s Most Popular DT 100, DT 483, DT 483A STOPWATCH. OPERATING INSTRUSTIONS. FEATURES: CHRONOGRAPH. - Display of Lap, split and running chronograph.

Stopwatch with 1/100 sec resolution in the first 30 min and up to 24h in H:M:S with laptime display. - Calendar mode. - Hourly chime and alarm. - User selectable. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Thanks for your purchasing this \, professional stopwatch. Its advanced. Japanese CMOS ,eomhined scientific E— mechanical theory. Stopwatch (C-510). User Manual. Time/Calendar display: Hour, minute, second, month, date and day. Stopwatch:1/100 sec. for 30 min., 1 sec. up to 24 hours.

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